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Quik Pro France - Firing up the French Beach Breaks

As one would imagine, settling into the French art-du-vivre doesn't take a twisting of the arm. Fresh baguettes. Beautiful women. Vin rouge! The Quiksilver WCT team and freesurfers are handling it just fine.

One of the other great things about the Les Landes coastal area is that there are over 60 kilometres of beach to choose from. So between a no-go called for Day 1 of the Quiksilver Pro France waiting period and notoriously big tidal swings to work around, a few of the team hunted down a peak south of the contest site and took it to the air. The sand banks are coming to life and solid action is on surely tap for the next few days.

Matt Banting. Photo: Timo.

Craig Anderson. Photo: Heywood

Mikey Wright. Photo: Heywood

Dane Reynolds. Photo: Heywood

Dane Reynolds. Photo: Heywood

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