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Matt Banting - Killing it in 2014

Matt Banting is killing it right now. He’s just won his third ASP 6-Star QS comp and the chances of qualifying for the WCT next year are looking pretty darn good.

We caught up with Matt in between trips – he’d just landed from South Africa and he’s about to jet off to LA for the US Open. Life’s tough.

Photo: Mariana Villela

You’ve been having an epic year – two wins on the ASP 6-Star. Obviously you're stoked. What’s your plan for the rest of the year? What are you looking forward to?

I’m so happy with the start I've had. I can't wait to compete in the US Open starting in a few weeks. We've also been working on a new clip featuring a bunch of trips. It should be coming out around September which I'm psyched on.

What are you riding these days? Any favourites? 

Luke Short (LSD) has been making me a lot of good boards this year. Probably about 40 – 50 in the last 6 months! My favourite at the moment is 5'10.5 x 18 3/4 x 2 1/4!

How’s your training? Are you doing a crazy healthy diet too?

It's been fun, I actually love training at home, the feeling of progressing with strength, or just surfing, is the best.

I've been eating a lot better than I used to but not losing any sleep over the diet – haha – I love food too much!

Who’s the crew you travel with? 

A couple of the Aussie guys, although I like staying by myself during competitions, way easier to get on your own program … A lot of guys do it just to cut the cost of it all, gets expensive! I've done a lot of travelling with my filmer, James Graham, which is always fun getting clips. Had a couple of good trips with Marc Lacomare, Derek Peters and Kanoa Igarashi as well!

You’ve been chasing waves all year – any favourite spots? And what about party spots?

Yeah, we did a trip to Mexico in April and had a ball. Got pumping beach breaks and a few fun points in Salina Cruz. The party scene in Puerto Escondido is pretty crazy! Lots of backpackers, there were like 30 Norwegian girls around 21 years old – haha! Sick to go party all night then get tubed the whole next day. The hold-downs aren't as fun though! Hahaha.

So let’s say you make the tour next year, who are the surfers you’d be stoked to compete against?

Still a long way off but it would be a treat! I'd love to surf against Slater again at Snapper. This year I was winning the heat the whole way until about the last minute which is pretty annoying. But I'd love to get one over him before he's out of the game – haha.

Photo: Bernard Testemale

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