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Kanoa Igarashi Wins Shoe City Pro



It exists. Look around. Or better yet, listen. Or best yet, think about Kanoa Igarashi.


About a month ago, Kanoa went into Pipe Masters – the last CT of his rookie year - with all the pressure in the world on his back. He was sitting in a safe space on the good side of the re-qualification race but one of his best friends, Ezekial Lau, didn’t share the same fortune. If Kanoa did well, Zeke would be on the CT for 2017. If not, Zeke would be back on the QS for another year.


Kanoa ended up charging all the way to the final and taking some huge names out along the way. Mission complete. Thanks, Backdoor. You’re welcome, Zeke.


Fast-forward to yesterday and you’ll see Kanoa getting chaired up the sand at his home break in Huntington Beach. He’d just won the Shoe City Pro in a dominating fashion. It was his first event since Pipe and he earned the only result better that would one-up his performance.


Suffice to say, the kid is in rhythm. With the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast less than two months away, that could mean very big things for his sophomore season. 


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